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Christian Values Plug of Cavite airing tonight at 8pm (GMT+8) in INCRadio will remind us of what we need in this times of trials and challenges we are facing.

Is this also what you are experiencing?
More importantly, is this also how you are coping?

Join us tonight to view the 2minute plug and give us your comment.  One LIKE is

worth a thousand smiles.

Serotonin is the well known mood stabilizer.

You cannot just grab and eat serotonin; it is synthesized from amino acid tryptophan. Food high in protein contain large amount of this BUT it wont boost serotonin on its own. It needs carbohydrate.

Insulin which is released on intake of carbs promotes amino acid absorption and leaves tryptophan in the blood. Therefite high-tryptophan foods with carbs is equal to serotonin boost.

Tryptophan, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids helps in producing the neurotransmitter.

Egg especially yolk
Nuts and seeds
Salmon family
Leafy greens
Probiotic/fermented foods (kefir, yogurt, tofu)

ABSORPTION is a factor as tryptophan from food has to compete with other amino acids to be absorbed into the brain.

Healthy gut bacteria therefore high fiber diet is a plus. Sunshine, exercise and massage are activities to boost serotonin as well.


The very safe and proven effective food supplement Quantumin Plus is being seeked and used by several people that have seen its wonders; and one of the very many ailment it helps is the fight for life with those infected with the Dengue Virus.

Boost immune system to fight the virus amd not have the effect that results to hospitalization and death.j
Detoxify continuously to flush out unwelcome organisms from the intense action of Zeolite content.
Ensure fast absorption of vitamins and minerals the body needs as it goes direct to cells through action of intelligent molecules fulvic and humic acid.

SEARCH and destroy mosquito breeding places SELF PROTECT bywearing long sleeves and use of insect repellent
SEEK early consultation on the first signs and symptoms of the disease
SAY  yes to fogging if there is an impending outbreak.

Contact urgently for full instruction from your clinical dieitian

No smoking!  Nationwide Smoking ban now a Philippine Law.

Being a Health Advocate, I support this 100%.  Smokers will have to kill themselves alone and not include others with the 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. 

If only there is a provision of hand washing in the smoking area to further avoid spread of toxins.  These toxins from 2nd and 3rd hand smoke is likewise dangerous as it infuses free radicals in the body that aids in the degeneration of the cells in turn resulting to diseases of the body.

Direct hit for smokers are the lungs as they inhale it into their lungs, but for their kids, their parents, their friends, or anyone unfortunate enough to be beside them or in contact with them, directly or indirectly,...their blood carries those free radicals in the blood stream onto the heart which suffers as much as it is the organ that pumps the blood carrying the toxins althrough out the body.

Good to know that a previous smoker, the President himself, tries to somehow lessen the spread and a step to control is taken.  Hopefully people will be enlightened and QUIT SMOKING.
For us who are exposed and victims of acquiring diseases from others not wanting to stop, let us not just wait and hope that we can still escape those toxins.  Be enlightened as well that there are supplements and chelators and detoxifyers being offered to ensure we are maintaining Good Health.

The feeling of being thirsty is already a sign of moderate dehydration. Be wary that Summer, with the high temperature, leads to profuse sweating which is one of the factors of water loss along with other avenues like urination and vomiting.  Insufficient fluid can very well lead to dehydration for which thirst, fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness and headache are the most common symptoms. Dark urine can be observed giving sign that our fluid is already too concentrated. Note that high sugar levels can increase frequency of urination and water loss.

Remember that it is NOT just water per se that our body needs. It has to be supplied with the much needed electrolytes like Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) as they are the constituents of our blood and body fluids. It helps in the overall body functions therefore severe and untreated dehydration is fatal.

This is the reason Watermelon, Cantalope, Star apples, Mangoes, Turnips, Oranges, Bananas, lemons  and several other fruits and vegetables ease off thirstyness. They are filled with the vitamins and minerals that we need; specifically Potassium.Quantumin that have those minerals in its most absorbable form.
Ensure to include them in your daily diet and supplement with

Dietitians know best ;)

FAT BELLY. Yes this is the hardest to trim down...but I can show you how 😉

A little info here for you...

Know your fat belly:
Visceral fat - inner fat
These are those wrapped around your internal organs that cannot be dissolved with just exercise alone. The more yiu have it, the highee risk to health complications like Diabetes and Heart Disease.

Subcutaneous fat - outer fat
These are those that you can pinch or grab. Its the bigger skin. Burn it out though not necessarily a risk factor to health concerns but more for the most-loved-to-have body shape.

BOTH FAT causes belly to protrude.
Thus we should take them off of you for a better looking and healthier you.

Who have the highest chance of accumulating
both fat:
- enjoys sedentary lifestyle or those we call sit-down people
- those with little or no aerobic exercise.
- minimal muscle mass.
- Eats more calories than burn
- The insulin resistant or diabetic

Visceral fat is definite to be a lot for those people with Subcutaneous fat. Therefore it is suggested to start shedding inside-out. Start identifying with visual inspection and be aware that waist measure of 40in for men denotes high amount of those internal fat, 35in for women. An MRI procedure can give you exact measure if you need one but this outright measure can already be your prompt to start losing.

How? I can guide you through dietary counseling what amount of food, movement and the safest and most effective supplement that can surely put you back on track as you were in high school or better 😉

Life of a love one is too precious to take for granted.  Every minute count as they take those deep, heavy breathing.  The agony they are in, the insistent pain but moreso of that feeling of resignation to the illness.  

Grab the opportunity to know how to save them NOW while you still can. Use the resources you have to for the living and not when they are cold and all you can do is say "...if only i did".

Be the wiser and go for prevention, but we have to admit we tend to delay.  Routines are too time consuming, work taking up your day and even  your night...but all for what? To have the chance to live comfortably.  To enjoy life.  Can we find that peace and fulfillment if at the end of the day you know in your heart you neglected and wasted chances for you and your love one?

Health is wealth.  Let it be our priority.

Weight loss and metabolism boost is directly related. Metabolism or burning of energy should always be taken into account to effect shedding of the excess calories.

The trio-mineral Iron, zinc and selenium is very helpful as they are the minerals that the thyroid need to produce hormones that regulate metabolism.

These 3 minerals that the body needs for other differnt functions in the body can be easily be provided by Quantumin Plus which is Quantum Potentiated to be in its most absorbable form. Since the development of Nanotrchnology is also applied, this goes directly to the responsible cells
to do its function. No need to fuss over where to find the food sources such as brazil nuts, cottage cheese, fish for Selenium; shellfish, legumes, seeds, dairy for zinc; and organ meets, green leafy veg and dried prunes or raisins for Iron. Or worry about contraindication to your lacto intolerance or high cholesterol and such. Just have the appropriate drops daily of Quantumin Plus and you're good to go.

One of the main advantages of having sufficient Magnesium is that it activates Vitamin D which likewise plays an important role to your calcium absorption. It increases bone density and bone crystal formation which reduces development of osteoporosis.

So today start taking in food rich in Mg such as those leafy vegetables lile spinach and kale, legumes nuts, raw cacao, salmon family, tofu, fruits like avocado bananas and raspberries, and dark chocolates. It may not be as easy to always always incorporate them in every meal but the best things in life are here...such as the ever available wonder drop, the Quantumin Plus.

Quantumin Plus is quantum potentiated that the minerals in it are converted into its most absorbable form. Magnesium is amongst those included to ensure our body needs are supplemented.

Magnesium intake gives quality bone. This macromineral helps in bone formation by ensuring that your Calcium is brought to your bones. Therefore for anyone taking in Calcium Supplement, it has to be ensured that Magnesium is provided to ensure that the Calcium is properly metabolized in the bones and not to form as calcium stones or arterial plaques.

Purine crystals or Uric Acid crystals are the culprit to the inflammed joints where they get stuck.  From the high purine diet we partake those crystals are deposited overtime since not all will pass out the urine.

A thing to note for people taking hypertensive drugs that they even get these crystals commonly trapped in the joints of the hands, elbows, knees and feet.

What one can do is to avoid eating food rich in purine such as organ meats, fatty food, shellfish, Tuna family (big fishes like sardines, salmon, tanigue etc), beans and legumes, oatmeal and several other that are lower in content but also contributory if the meal taken are not varied enough and are concentrated to those with high content.  The key is variation with increased fiber intake from fruits and leafy vegetables likewise the much needed exercise and high intake of fluids to help in washing them off.

The BEST thing however since not all of above advice can be continuously and religiously done to get immediate and definite result in removing the toxins  is to take the Wonder Drop Quantumin Plus.  It has been proven time and again of those people who have tried and tested that with the consistent use of Quantumin it gives the pleasing result of NO MORE PAIN TO HAVE A HAPPIER LIFE

Is it me or my surrounding spinning?

Vertigo attack is something you don't want to have whether you are walking, driving or just home.  Dizziness that makes you feel you want to hold out and stop everything from moving.

There are several factors that points to vertigo.  It may be from a blow in the head, a certain Meyers Disease or the incorrect position of your head that affected gravity pull dislodging incorrectly those crystals in your inner ear that is responsible for balance. This spinning result to a more aggraviated dilemma of not being able to move from your location when it struck or risk falling over or a more severe accident like being hit by cars when you crossed the street, trip down the stairs or whatever else that leads further to injuries.

VERTIGO can somehow be avoided with proper and complete sleep, right position of the head, ensuring proper exercise and diet to maintain good health and to have great supplements that will give the needed vitamins and minerals while removing toxins that are the root cause of diseases in this world.
(Photo courtesy to owner)

I finally found the
BEST COFFEE in town...i dare you to try.

No palpitations to those avoiding it due to heart problems.
No high acidity.
No sleepless nights.
Immune system booster from spirulina.
Regulates blood pressure from mangosteen.
Reduce cancer risk from grape seed.
Romoves all toxins with the action of zeolite and fulvic.

Why do people tend to disregard UNTIL there’s almost left with NO CHOICE.

Then and only then will they have the courage to try.  

The reason why it is them who can prove true.
The reason why it is them who have tried and  can share.  Save time, effort and thousands and heal soonest.  Health is wealth.

QuantuminPlus is truly a Wonder Drop. Read, listen, and try.

History revealed that Digital Technology started in the 19th Century.  This is the time when technology boosted from analogue to digital.  Technological advancement and continuous progress with differing innovations came year after year.  Man's knowledge expounded to greater heights in such unbelievably fast pace.

Yes it makes life easier in the sense that the previous  hunger prolonged while cooking in an hour can now only wait for a minute with the microwave oven.  Or the snail mail that reaches recipient in weeks, now can be delivered in just a split second with the mobile phones.

It is easier?  For a small part of it, yes.  What about the bigger part for which comes at a later time...the after effect?  This can be proven with the higher incidences of chronic diseases.  The varying types of new diagnosed ailments.  

The big C has long been known to man.  Cancer and where it came from, but not all yet with 100% cure.  What about those effect of technology to the unborn babies?  Those for which are from the toxins coming from technology that the parent ingests before conception and on its development, the embryo absorbs them, get affected by them, and either on birth or a few years after manifests as a child with abnormality such as the now often heard Autism.  Likewise, look around and see those that also affects YOU and ME now, today until tomorrow with this technology man created.  Toxins are already everywheres.  In whatever we do, in whatever we eat, take, or inhale.

Life "seem" easier today, but will it still be easy later on?

The center of the Circulatory System - Heart
(Photo courtesy to

Finally found the instant ease to my MIGRAINE ATTACKS!!!

It has been 4x already this month and I tried the 3 drop sublingual and 1 drop external in the forehead.  It took 5-10 min and its gone!

What I love most about it is I don't need to feel the acid and smell and taste that medicine-taste of the only med that take it away for the past years. Goodbye Saridon!  Hopefully soon it will forever be goodbye migraine!

It is just this December that I started taking Quantumin Plus but it did do wonders for me...but this is the best yet.  

Will keep updating you on MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES 😉

Personally proven true...!

That there exist an extraordinary way to heal from your ailment. From severe internal hemorrhage, to heart disease, diabetes and other diseases that need critical care... to simple allergies, pimples, or colds...this food supplement that came from the wonders of nature that is filled with all the minerals our body  need.  We call it Quantumin Plus.

The healing wonders from the drops with zeolite can be taken internally or applied externally.  It can be taken with all other medicines until your doctor himself requires you to stop your maintenance medicines.  It can be for your own health or for the health of all other people you want to help.

Life is given to us to preserve and take care of.  But will all the man-made toxins around, we need support.  We need a buddy to take care of us and ensure the best of our every breath...again its Quantumin Plus

I am so lucky to be in a tropical country.

I love the waters.
I love the breeze in my hair.
I love the sun in my skin.
See a part of the Philippines where you might want to visit too.

Pinoy ka? Well nahuhuli ka na kung di mo pa nakita ang ganda ng Palawan.

See video in this link.

LIFE continues on.
It cannot stop to where it is at the moment.
The reason why we have to live the moment.
Time flies and in a few blinks, its the next phase.

A few years after my daily routine in the hospital doing rounds, I travelled in the blogosphere.  Another few years I'm in the global office.  I crave for learning and it seems all was given.  But I have yet to know about other stuff...and so took more steps...

I love every chmce I am given to know more, to do more.  Now I'm back...and will share you new things. New learnings. New hope.

Know that it all roots to one, and heads to one...SUCCESS!

Today is one of the most awaited day, not just for US, but for the whole world.  The US Presedential Elections.

The Philippines is up and about in checking updates and Eagle Broadcasting Corporatio (EBC) have a special coverage that keeps you updated on this fight that is nearing its end.

Will it be the Democratic or the Republican candidate?  Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?


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