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I am so lucky to be in a tropical country.

I love the waters.
I love the breeze in my hair.
I love the sun in my skin.
See a part of the Philippines where you might want to visit too.

Pinoy ka? Well nahuhuli ka na kung di mo pa nakita ang ganda ng Palawan.

See video in this link.

LIFE continues on.
It cannot stop to where it is at the moment.
The reason why we have to live the moment.
Time flies and in a few blinks, its the next phase.

A few years after my daily routine in the hospital doing rounds, I travelled in the blogosphere.  Another few years I'm in the global office.  I crave for learning and it seems all was given.  But I have yet to know about other stuff...and so took more steps...

I love every chmce I am given to know more, to do more.  Now I'm back...and will share you new things. New learnings. New hope.

Know that it all roots to one, and heads to one...SUCCESS!

Today is one of the most awaited day, not just for US, but for the whole world.  The US Presedential Elections.

The Philippines is up and about in checking updates and Eagle Broadcasting Corporatio (EBC) have a special coverage that keeps you updated on this fight that is nearing its end.

Will it be the Democratic or the Republican candidate?  Will it be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

It is human nature to feel.
The reactions to that feeling is a decision that entails full responsibility.

As i am now acting after the thoughts

Mid-life is indeed a very interesting part of one's journey.
No matter the path you have taken, you will come to that certain point of  suddenly stopping.

Where are you in your life?  What happened?  Is it going how you thought it will?

The best thing stopped.
Because you can think.  You can have time to see other lives.
You can appreciate your life, your gifts, your being you.
You get to decide if you will be continuing on as how you are, or take that turn to make the "you"
that you are meant to be.

Mark the day where people will WALK for a very good cause.  

People from all over the world have been extending help since the big disaster hit the Philippines in 2013.  It affected millions of lives and it is not over.  The severe loss and damage the calamity brought continues to pain the victims of this tragic event and the brethren of the Iglesia Ni Cristo feels the intense need to share further with the World Wide Walk to happen on Saturday, 2nd of February 2014.

Be part of this simple but effective way of giving not just monetary assistance but a heartfelt empathy to the young and the old that lost love ones, homes and almost – their ALL.

What difference does it make if you will walk to have a good functioning heart and walk with us in the WWW and have also a big blessed heart?
How hard will it be to use up this one day to be within groups of people sharing smiles knowing you have a common cause?
Why not do what you usually do of exercising those bones and muscles, getting the vitamin D that you need, strengthen your heart and lungs WITH ME?  WITH US?

Know that this is yet another Memory to Keep.  Join the Worldwide Walk for the Yolanda Victims and be part of history.

If you're done with exercising your right to vote...thank the heavens you're still up on your feet and breathing! And wish those still in the precints the best of luck for the challenge they are to face at this time of the day.

As early as 7am, me and my closest friends headed straight to where we are supposed to vote. The line already is long but still signs of reaching the end of it in about 2 hours is apparent; the people are eager to have everything over and done with but most seems lost as to which specific precint they are supposed to fall in line to. The temperature rises by the minute, the line is getting longer and longer that it has to start to curl snake-like along narrow corridors of the national school to accommondate continuous arrival of voters. People are all sticky with the humidity. Most look bored, some irritated with the smell of cigarette smoke (me specifically) but everyone apparently is not pleased with the system set in preparation for this day.
The dryness of the season get in everyone's nerve. This adds up to the blood pressure rising that happens when you are standing for hours and not happy with what's going on around you. We need to keep it cool. That's how it is, just go one step at a time as the line moves each time a ballot comes in the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine. If you are now planning to head on to your own precint (and challenge), make sure to take your meal before leaving the house and bring with you a bottle of cold water to beat dehydration and help you keep your cool. Just do the little by little sip, else you will have to leave your line and start onto another line -- in the toilet.



How can being organized in your computer files be healthy?  Well, you don't need tO be stressed with looking for a certain file among thousands.  Fret no more...there's clipix now to help you like old-age clipboards can.

You have different hobbies?  Then have different  sets to file them all.  Time will be saved as well as energy.  Categories can be made within the Clip panel, your music, the celebrities, fun activities, the vacation ideas, restaurants you're eyeing...everything. WithClipix, you can easily go back to sites you wanna go back to.  How?  As simple as joining, dragging the clipinx button on your browser and type in anything you are looking for and click clip button each time.  You will then be able to save them all per category and go back to it anytime you want to.  

It's so easy and life is made even more easier.  You can even categorize everything accordingly.  A group of sites for Places you want to go to, party ideas, things you want to buy, books/articles you'd love to go back to and read...and so on.  And it will be a choice to make all of those public or private.

It is so much healthy to be organized, no stress and no worries.  Latest that I have is my Birthday Wish list for my little one.  Now it is not a problem to hold a party and receive gifts you don't even like.  With clipix, you can expect all your gifts according to your preference.  Now, its truly the time to let others know about this wonderful chance to be given the choice.  So, let the world know about this...let your world know about this.  "Like" on Facebook and visit Twitter for  full involvement and support to clipix. 

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We definitely are on that centuries ago mentioned "computer age".  Everywhere we look there is computer.  Our lives cannot be as it is without it.  In the car we use tracker, at home we use it in to finish our chores (dishwashing, laundry, cooking, cleaning), in the streets there's the street lights, in the office our ID's are swiped,  in the mall, grocery, parking...EVERYWHERE there is computer.  And we have to admit, life is so much easier with it.  We then have to learn to make use of it to our advantage.  What's more is, there are a lot of assistance available further to us, just like how clipix is there for us.  

Most people find that dieting is hard.  There's so much you have to know.  That's why they browse, they read around DIET.  But the files pile up, the sites and links are just way too many to remember.  thanks to clipix because once I've seen the clipix youtube below, and I just knew that this is just how it will be to make dieting easier.  I now have a collection of resources clipped together.  One with recipe ideas, one with online food shopping and another on people's sharing's  of experiences that motivates me with my weight reduction.  I can go back to them anytime I want.  A personal assistance for FREE is the thing for busy people like me.  I'm sure you have your own "important" thing, maybe you are onto hobbies and games and you need o have them organized and readily available for you, or probably you need to create a syncboard to help you with your blogging.  A way to get advices/ suggestions for possible write ups that are popular, this now you can do with the help of this wonderful site.  Why not see for yourself how it can help with your own thing-y.  Visit even their Facebook and Twitter account for further feedback and ideas on Clipix.

Worry not, Clipix also gives you the option to keep your ideas private or public.  For me, it's all out for you to see because in all honesty, I can't help sharing how clipix helps me in my everything.  How about you?  Have you tried?  It will all be for the benefit, so why hold back.  No reason at all not to head in the direction of EASIER LIFE IN THE WEB.  I'm thinking of hundred more ways I will use Clipix with apart from could be for my hobby with novels, my wish list for my coming birthday...and more.  What about you?  What will be your Clipix about?  Share and make my readers smile as you do me with your comments.


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If you are to undergo surgery, make sure that you are taking proper amounts of Vitamin K...

VITAMIN K will avoid bleeding as it helps in blood clotting. During surgeries, that is what we need, for the blood to clot to remain stable and not bleed profusely or hemorrhage. On the other hand, if you are taking any blood thinner, as those avoiding strokes do, you then have to avoid Vitamin K intake for it not to hinder with the drug action.

Probably you are now grabbing your pop-up vitamin pills and looking at the list of vitamins, and if it has Vitamin K. But wait, WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD YOU ARE EATING? Food have vitamins too...and those that are rich in Vitamin K may be what you're planning for your next meal.

RICH IN VITAMIN K: Kale, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Parsley, Broccoli, Romaine Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Turnip Greens...if you notice most green leafy veggies. Added to them are Asparagus/Chili/Curry/Paprika/Cayenne, Cabbage, Pickled cucumber, Spring Onions, Dried Herbs like Thyme/Sage/Basil and Prunes.

Soybean Oil, Jute, Cloves, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Okra, Dry Roasted Cashews, and Celery follows suit.

Remember though that Vitamin K also have other benefits such as:
- helping in the prevention of calcification in your arteries
- helping in the prevention of bone loss (especially postmenopausal)
- and possibly protecting from liver and prostate cancer

                Technology has taken its worth up a notch. In fact, different trends in the World Wide Web are emerging and are dominating our lives…such as the different social networking sites and online solutions. Varying kinds of people frequent the net, students, professionals or simple hobbyists.  Common attitude?  They open as many windows or tabs in order to search for ideas. If something caught the interest, they try to stay on but due to the fast pace of life, it is most often that they would just to go back to it later or maybe “when there is time”.  How do we do it?  We usually retype it on our search engines and look for it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Let there be an on-line site organizer,” the woman said.

And there was Clipix.

                Clipix is an online clipboard for every site you visit, which you want to look at again anytime of the day. After signing up using any of your accounts like Facebook, Twitter or simply your e-mail addresses, you can drag the Clip button on your Bookmarks Bar…and VOILA!  You have your very own clipboard (or clipboards) for your interests and stuffs.

Let’s say, while surfing the net you found an interesting site… all you have to do is to click the Clip button on your Bookmarks Bar to save the page, categorizing each time for easier trace back next time around, and this will help you organize your clips (sites/ web pages) in customized clipboards like Gadgets, Fashion, Restaurant, and so on.  It’s definitely making things a lot easier.  I’m sure every kind of people in all walks of life will be as thankful as I am for Clipix.


                Since I started using Clipix, I always look forward to surfing and searching for new sensible things online because I know that I have my clipboards. It prompts users like me to come back and surf without worrying.  Less time consumed, less stress… more fun, more productivity.  It helped me integrate all my work, social networks and my all other interests.

                Clipix can assist everyone. If you are just a hobbyist, you can use your clipboards to organize your funny videos, favorite picture with friends, recipes or products. If a professional, you can organize your sources for your reports, or current events. As a businessman, Clipix is a great assistance in organizing several websites of products that you can compare prices with, and keep track of the trend in the market.

                Clipix also reflects your personality. If you like to cook or bake, most likely your clipboards would look like an online recipe collection. A music junkie’s clipboard would probably contain the latest music videos, new songs, and video tutorials of playing different instruments.

You can be all of those mentioned above…and the more you can appreciate clipix for being your very own secretary that organizes your life.  What about you, how would you use clipix?  I'd love to hear your ideas.


Come now and lessen the stress you feel everyday!  Visit and sign up.


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This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.



Everybody can admit to the fact that getting sick is an all year occurrence.  With all the stress and the byproduct of technology, man simply cannot escape being down once in a while.  Good thing there are Walgreens and Express Scripts we can run to.

"Many patients under an Express Scripts plan have used Walgreens pharmacies for years and have a personal relationship with their Walgreens pharmacist." Due to an on-going dispute between these two there have been a sudden rise of concern. Most are affected in ways such as finding new pharmacist, going to 24-hour and drive through pharmacy instead, that not only is troublesome but is also more costly. Those with insurance plans managed by Express Scripts were the ones feeling the most impact.  If you are one of them, take the advantage of the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens being offered to cut back on your medicine costs.  It is a special January discount of $5, or $10 for a family membership that gives you  discounts on moe than 8,000 branded and generic medicines.  For less than $1 a week, a three month supply of more than 400 generics are available for your choosing.  And for a regular annual membership, an individual can join for a mere $20 while $35 for a family. Take advantage also of discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers, and diabetic supplies.  Plus you get to have bonuses you cannot find anywhere else when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photofinishing services.

Customers really are disturbed with the sudden changes but this issue between are Walgreens and Express Scripts  truly is just about the value of your local community pharmacy.  Now you can make use of your own mail order pharmacy business instead of your community pharmacy to spare you from being caught in between in times of emergencies and you cannot find the needed medicine in your neighborhood.

See Walgreens on Twitter or Walgreens on Facebook as I do so all the time and be updated on the latest.



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Believe that the day is going to turn up great and it will because all you will be focused on are positive things. And if you think positive enough, you can practice the so called Holistic healing practices where people like Laura Silva says you can heal yourself by being a positive thinker.

The mind is powerful. You can convince yourself that you are on top of your game, you are healthy and happy and you will be. This is said to be affecting patients who heals 90% of the time and those that believes that life is over, life sucks or that life is definitely not easy ends up having such a hard time with their life. “The state of the mind influences the state of the body; and the state of the body influences the state of the mind.”

Interesting right? Why not take advantage of this chance to make your life better? Silva have a few secrets to share on how to achieve this:
  • Function at the Alpha and Theta brainwave levels – the level where we are most relaxed and free from worry. This is more like being in meditation. You are awake but not fully conscious to be having emotions.
  • Develop your Healing Imagery – by imagining yourself to be in that perfect state, healthy, happy, and all other positive things you hope to be.
  • Master your thoughts; in particular, the D-B-E process – or the Desire, Belief and Expectancy. Know what you want, believe it could happen and expect it to truly happen.
If healing oneself is possible, then doing so with the help of another is also possible. This time with the Healing touch technique. We can’t deny the fact that we all need comfort as a child needs a mothers comfort. And it becomes a reality with the sense of touch. We feel cared for when we get a pampering, a mere pat in the back to a massage, a hold in the hand to a more rhythmic and relaxing pressure…we are affected with the sense of touch. And its not just for mere physical pains but even for emotional distress and mental concerns. It gets better with knowledge that we are not alone, and the physical touch reminds us that we are not. This is when we are convinced that we felt better, we are healed.

And somehow I find that this two are connected. With the physical touch and reminder, we convince ourselves thus the mind starts to do its thing by being positive and believing that everything is well – and then WE ARE WELL.

Yes, our brain has been placed above everything else physiologically. It is on top most of our being, in the head. That most often during childhood we hear elders say “use your head” when we are lost of what they want us to do. True that we have to use the brain to know what must be done, but there are times that we let our mind go beyond to the point of being controlled by what we think. With this it can be an advantage or a disadvantage. If we invite positive energy and it helps us, then well and good. But if it does not help us instead pull us down with the negativity of our thoughts then we have to STOP and ask ourselves “how does the brain work” and make it work to our advantage.

Have you heard of someone being sick and given the observation that it is just psychological? This happens to a lot of sensitive individuals. They feel a little low, probably due to certain emotional distress, and end up getting sick. They get to thinking they are sick, they are low, they are affected and soon they do feel really sick. They let their brain rule over them. It’s also the same as when a professional who is very good at what he do was asked to give a speech about the job he do everyday just could not remember them when affront the audience just because he is not a “crowd person”. He let his brain rule over him, he panicked, he froze, or what Burt Goldman call it, “he got stuck”. If you think it through, it is all related to our emotions…to what we feel. The professional is scared of people and so affects his ability to think straight unlike when he is on his safe ground, back to work and routine.

This is how I got inclined to read about “How the Brain Works And How To Make It Work When You’re Stuck”. It talk about the states of the brain within the cycle: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta. Beta being the state we are in when awake, with all the senses and the emotions; and Alpha is the state of being half awake like during meditations where we can most use our mind without being in the emotionally charged state therefore we can maximize use of it and discover our greatest potentials.

Let us rule our life by using our brain, and not let the brain rule our life. But we just have to know how to have the ability to do so. Hear the advice of Burt Goldman of Quantum Jumping as I did and let me know what you think.

CHANGE sometimes gives you a choice, and sometimes it does not.

We were robbed of that choice when we have no control over it. Like natural calamities that strikes mankind, death, sickness…they just suddenly dawns on us whether we like it or not. And the thing left for us to do is to deal with it; to get pass through it. Because that is the wisest thing to do, to keep moving because it happened and we have to accept the fact that it will stay changed either way, accept it or not it still will stay changed. It is the effect of that change we have a choice of. Whether to wallow in tears or to stand up straighter.

Be glad for those changes that give you a choice from the start. And with that choice will be how it will be after the change effects. A choice between two men you will marry decides your happiness, a choice between available job offers decides your future,…a choice between every decision gives you possible outcome that depended on that choice. Like when you decided that you are much too timid and weak and you have to be like those others bursting with self-confidence. You can stay behind the shadow of your friend because you always have no voice for your own opinion within your group, you can forever be just the brain and your partner getting the acknowledgements because you dwell in your insecurities…you can stay as you are or you can learn how to change your life for the better.

Let us not blame others for how we are today. The fact that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses gives you the chance to be a better you. You are aware that you are shy and that it puts you below the ladder of success, do not point your finger to your stepfather who repeatedly found faults in you instead ask yourself why are you still in your shell when you know that there is a way to improve. Seek change and get support to make it happen. Probably by starting with a professional help to remold you into someone you should be than who or what you are today.

To let change take effect is to take the path also to a healthy you. Emotional and mental concerns puts us at risk to sleep deprivation, incomplete food intake, thus to sickness. To be completely contented with oneself gives us inspiration to keep living and warrants happier life. Therefore...start and gain self confidence now if you think you need to.

It is expensive to be sick these days. Everything has to be paid for, every little bit of thing. And so you have to learn how to love yourself enough to have good health. Yes it is not selfishness to love oneself. Because if you define loving yourself as Burt Goldman does, having a “positive view point” of oneself, you would know that with loving yourself you do not put yourself over or beyond another. You simply love yourself enough to connect to others.

The very first thing to do is to have a carefree attitude! Live your life without giving in to things that will make it a negative thing. Like being harassed with a dog barking. Why not just think, it is a dog and that barking is their normal thing to do. Let it go. When you hear people speaking about you, think “and so what”?! Who are they to matter? It is the opinion of your self that matters.

It is people giving too much thought on the past that affects them. Remember that everything is in the past. Upon reading this, what I said has already been in the past. And what Goldman say often enough, “being present in the moment is essential to loving yourself” have to be reiterated here once again. According to him, with Quantum Jumping it is always the present, not the past. We just have to learn to create our present. That way we will love ourselves more. We go back to the past time and restructure what we don’t want in it. We program your future. We can make ourselves healthy by doing things only that will make us healthy. We can avoid stress, we can avoid worrying, we can avoid being lost in life’s trial.

Live according to your purpose. Live while loving your self. And this way you will surely have a good life, a life in good health. Love yourself enough to avoid too much sweets and avoid Diabetes. High fat and cholesterol content puts you at risk to heart disease and avoidance of them in your diet can spare you from sickness that will pull you down not just physically but also emotionally. When our health gets affected, everything else follows. Our financial stability, our security, our emotions, our mental ability…our total being. And putting ourselves into such a position do not define love for oneself. Again, “being present in the moment is essential to loving yourself” and at present do what is needed for your future. Do not dwell on the past instead focus on what is yet to come where you have control over. There are ways to know how to find yourself but it all starts with your wanting to…. and then loving yourself begins.

Two little kids lined up for surgery are lying in stretchers outside the operating room.

The first kid leans over and asks, "What are you in here for?"
The second kid says, "I'm in here to get my tonsils out and I'm a little nervous."

The first kid tries to reassure the other and says, "Oh! don't worry. It's very simple. I had that done when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you lots of Jell-O and ice cream."

The second kid, feeling a little better, then asks, "What are you here for?"
The first kid says, "A circumcision."

The second kid says, "Whoa! I had that done when I was born. I couldn't walk for a year!"

Not everybody can just decide to sleep. Some have difficulty doing so that keeps them tossing and turning in bed. It’s not that they are not sleepy, they are but still sleep eludes them. The elders will probably blame it on being overly stressed or on too much on the mind that rest will not come. The mind continues to wander and the adrenaline still working.

Nutritionally, we will look in on our calcium reserves and have a glass of warm milk at bedtime to relax our muscles. Vitamin D also affects sleep with its effect on the body’s circadian rhythm. That’s why exposure to sunlight is important. Vitamin E likewise is being given consideration especially concerning restless leg syndrome thus the need for nuts especially almonds, mango and good oils such as corn, safflower and soybean oils. B- vitamins also have to be prioritized for the deficiencies that affects sleep; B6 for the sleep hormone production; and B12, Folic Acid and Niacin to avoid insomnia and sleep disruptions.

But there still are some things we can do to help us have the good night sleep when we want to, the way we want to. SILVA INSTITUTION SYSTEM explained it fairly well how sleeping happens. There are phases of sleep that is best achieved for us to feel rested. Is there a time when you sit up in bed as the alarm chimes and in your mind you say “did I sleep?” Sometimes it seems that you just lay down awake all night with your eyes closed. And there are times when you wake up feeling refreshed, with or without dreams. Just a thought, I wonder how they know and concluded on the meaning of dreams. They say that the first 90 minutes of sleep we are at the phase called Delta Phase. Then it shifts to Alpha and Theta where dreaming occurs.

But the problem usually is the dozing off. We can’t sleep. Some revert to sleeping pills or drugs to make them sleep which actually is more harmful than helpful. Silva says outright that “Drugs can actually be very counterproductive because they interfere with normal sleep and dream cycles.” These drugs make you claim sleep in a process that is not natural bypassing the phases which results to undesirable effects like irritability, confusion, memory gap, and mild hallucinations. Loss of libido is another consequence to face not anyone will appreciate.

And so Silva shares the most useful Sleep Control technique where she gives her personal way on how to fall asleep instantly. To best define it briefly, let’s call it the “boredom technique”. In your mind create a spiraling number counting from 100 and as you go along bear in mind the word “deeper”. As you go along doing this, your brain will perceive it as boring and shuts down the system. With mastery, you can go to sleep anytime you want to and wake up feeling rested and alert.

And there also are some who can’t seem to stop falling asleep the moment they get relaxed in a couch, or in any other chair. Notice people at church and see how many tries to fight back sleep? Maybe you are among them and learn the Silva Method Clock Exercise and Awake Control Exercise that helps you wake up when you need to…even before the alarm sets off. I love that Silva reveals that “the most amazing aspect of this exercise is the development of your ability to focus your attention on a goal and manifest that goal when you want”. It is therefore not just for your sleeping and waking but for your totality as a person.

...and with electric vol you definitely are making sure that you are preserving your eyes from harm. With 100% UV protection your eyes are spared from the unwanted effect of the sun. Added advantage is the beauty of wearing one. Being all chic and a beauty as you wear this big lensed frame is nothing compared to the care you provide the so called "window of the soul" you so need to protect from the harmful rays that actually is more harmful now with the ozone concern.

Ever heard of PHOTOPHOBIA? It is severe to mild sensitivity to light. It is a sensitivity to light, from the natural light of sunlight or from fluorescent and incandescent lights. Some are affected by bright lights alone but some also are irritated by any other light. This can be accompanied by headaches or simple discomforts from the glare that needs squinting or eye closing. But Photophobia is not a disease. It is a symptom of another disease. It could be an infection or inflammation. It is commonly observed in people with albinism or the lack of pigment in the eye, those with light colored eyes as compared to dark ones (pigments acts as protector to light), total color deficiency, rabies, botulism, mercury poisoning, keratitis, conjunctivitis and iritis. some medications also cause light sensitivity such as tetracycline.

Treatment of the primary illness is the long term cure to photophobia. Avoiding of bright lights and using protective materials is helpful in managing if naturally sensitive to light. Wear sunvisors, brimmed hats, UV protected sunglasses such as electric knoxville or using umbrella's when out in broad day light.

Those two favorite sunglasses mentioned above are mostly used in outdoor sports for the quality and comfort it provides. But sporty or not, wearing one is ideal for protection and comfort. Be out in style, be out with these shades that comes from

When there is an inflammation of the pancreas, you can have Pancreatitis. And since pancreas is responsible for the secretion of digestive enzymes that assists in the digestion of carbohydrates, protein and fat, it is a MUST that you have the proper diet to lessen painful attacks.


  • HIGH carbohydrates and protein in the diet to reduce work pressure
  • LOW fat avoiding butter, oil, margarine, etc.
  • Rich and spicy foods are best avoided
  • Caffeine-free diet avoiding coffee, chocolates, colas
  • avoidance of gas forming foods such as rootcrops, carbonated drinks etc.
  • Small but frequent feedings over large meals
  • chicken than meat in meals
  • focus on antioxidants
  • green leafy vegetables and soybeans are beneficial in pancreatitis
  • replace alcohol with juices
  • frequent intake of light chicken soups and vegetable soups
  • increase fluid intake


I am personally disclosing that this blog is written by me and only me; and all posts inclusive since 16 June 2009. Content is of personal opinion, view, belief and knowledge but ensures honesty and fairness. In the event that you have questions or reactions, as some topics may present conflict of interest, feel free to let me know by sending a message at As in other policies, “any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question”. This blog accepts different forms of compensation, like that of cash advertising, sponsorship or paid insertions; though may not always be revealed or visibly apparent.



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