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A LETTER FOR MY FAMILY (and to you my friends):

Posted by JENIE=) Monday, July 27, 2009


I don’t know how and where to start…what I know for sure is that there’s great fear in me. This is what they call Holy Fear (Banal na Takot). I appreciate the fear though, because this fear helps ME in living FOR “that” day. Judgment Day. But I don’t just fear for myself, but for most people…more so, for the whole family.

Before starting with this, I prayed. I prayed for guidance to the words that will help me, and those who will read this, to understand and embrace the TRUTH.

The truth that THE END IS NEAR! And that there is a PATH God has paved for man to travel. Unfortunately, MOST have been blinded into following other paths…through tradition; through beliefs instilled by the previous generations. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LOOK FOR THAT RIGHT PATH. Because God has given us free will to choose, but SEEK and LISTEN.

First, accept and believe that:

 GOD is all powerful!
• God has the authority to let happen what He wants to happen! We just have to offer everything back to Him, and lay down our borrowed lives in His hands and let Him take control of it. BELIEVE IN HIM, and experience how loving He is.

 GOD had EVERYTHING IMPORTANT written down for man to know about, in the BIBLE.
Believe that He commanded that everything written shall be accomplished…and no one should add nor take away even a period or a comma from it. (Matt.5:18-19)(Deut. 12:32)
• Believe that He had written everything there is to know. Regardless of what others say that not everything that happened in the time of the apostles (or of Jesus or even before that) has been recorded…again, God has the authority to let happen what He wants to happen. If he wants it written down or not. He knows that THE BIBLE IS ENOUGH for man to find salvation.
• And because everything He says is true and final, believe that in the Bible He revealed WHO will be saved
(Members of One Body-Col 3:15).
It even includes WHERE it will start (Far east/Islands of the Sea-Isaiah 24:15), HOW to be saved (Flock/Church Of Christ-Acts 20:28 ) and WHEN will “the saving” happen (ENDS of the earth - Isaiah 43:5-6).

• Be reminded that life on earth is way too short in comparison to FOREVER.
• Be reminded that HEAVEN is the “promised land” made for THE CHOSEN ONES.
• Be reminded that God did say that those who denied Him and His commandments will perish in the fires of hell.

• Accept that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He is coming!
• Accept that the times are changing, and the world is wicked.
• Accept that the signs the Lord Jesus gave when He is near have come to pass and some can be observed now.

Give God a chance to talk to you. Give yourself a chance to hear His words and be saved. Seek and listen. Do not wait for tomorrow, do not believe the devil that “we still have a lot of time” (just as I once posted in my lifestyle blog’s
ALL A LIE ), or that “it has long been said and predicted but until now it hasn’t come to the end”. TODAY I tell you, it is near. Observe around you and see the signs: the war, the famine, the calamities, the wickedness of’s all around us already.

Do not be afraid to make a choice, to search for the truth.
What if you are in that wrong choice just because you fear making a wrong decision? Then you will just stay being wrong when you can get hold of the right? If you really believe that there is a God, and that He loves you…you will then believe that He will not let you loose, just as our Lord Jesus preached that a shepherd will not let his sheep get lost. Have more faith than what you have now…and surrender to our God and feel the peace and the love that I feel because of Him.

Life is not meant to be easy, for us to look forward to that place where there is unending happiness…where there is perfection. But we are now here on earth, and living can be made easier. Just as it do mine. I feel that I am blessed. I am blessed, because no matter how many trials given me, no matter how cruel earthy life is, I am at peace (but not totally until we share the same faith). I accept each fate, and each day…because I know I am just passing by and that the next life is more important that this short one. Yes there are dreams and hopes, but I entrust them all to God. If He grants them, I am thankful; if not, I believe that God knows best and perceives that that certain wish will not be good for me. Still, my life goes on, and it’s not even made difficult for me. See it from my view, I am blessed. I have a family who cares and loves me so much, I have the daughter I asked her to be, we are all in good health, we were not poor, and I am not troubled for I am at peace…see? I am more than blessed.

I believe that God will take over from here, because before I wrote this letter I feared for what you will say. Or of what you will think of me. But now, I feel better knowing that somehow I reached out and there is hope that you will not let me down. That at least you will ponder on what I said. Even to the point of having me rescued from this wrong belief that I have, if you may. Whatever else, EXCEPT to do nothing. Just remember that I love you that’s why I am taking this chance to give you the greatest gift, life with you forever, with God our Father the One True God.

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  1. hey jenie,
    sorry for the late reply. i can tell that you can be a very sexy pregnant woman :)
    thanks for the link. the drop down list of blog links can be done like this, look for the /* Sidebar Content */ code in your HTML LAYOUT. then insert these codes under that code:

    #LinkList1 ul{

    hope this helps.



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